Mirogoj Cemetery

Tel: +385 1 4696 707

Address: Aleja Hermanna Bollea 27, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Most people would avoid cemeteries, while a few would see it as one of the best places to learn about the history of a city. An epitaph inscribed on a tombstone is the history of both the deceased person as well as the city. Mirogoj Cemetery is where you can look into the history of Zagreb, and enjoy the beauty of architecture.

Mirogoj Cemetery is more like a tranquil park than a cemetery. The cemetery sitting at the foot of Mount Medvednica was designed by an Austro-Hungarian architect Hermann Bollé. It is the resting place of a number of Croatian celebrities and notable families. Divided into four zones, the cemetery inters irreligious members and of all religious groups such as Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox and Catholic. The vines climbing all over the exterior wall turn green in summer and gold in autumn. Take an afternoon walk in this outdoor architectural museum-like cemetery, and read about the stories of different people from the epitaphs. It would possibly be a meaningful life lesson.