Komodo National Park

Address: East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Do you know what the world’s largest lizard is? Given the name Komodo Dragons, they are the largest and the most fierce lizard in the world with a body reaching 2-3m long and a powerful tail, which turns them into some invincible creatures. Their poisonous fangs make them even more dangerous. They are savage and have been living on Earth for almost four million years. Many biologists are fond of their uniqueness and even developed a national park to conserve them.

The vast Komodo National Park, a major habitat of Komodo Dragons, sits between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. It is also home to different rare species, both terrestrial and maritime, such as tarsiers and blue-ringed octopuses. The park has broadened the goal to protect its entire biodiversity over the years and was listed as a World Natural Heritage in 1986. Both the lush jungles and the oceans amidst the islands are precious biological treasure houses.