Park of the Reserve

Tel: +51 1 4240827

Address: Jr. Madre de Dios S/N, Cercado de Lima 15046, Peru

There is usually a beautiful park sitting downtown in every metropolitan, providing fresh greenery to city dwellers. The Central Park in New York, Hyde Park in London and Victoria Park in Hong Kong are somewhere local people can take a deep breath in the concrete jungle. In Lima, the Park of the Reserve is not only a public open space, but also a unique tourist attraction in the city.

Located between two of Lima’s principal streets, the Park of the Reserve has a history of almost a hundred years. It was named “of the Reserve” in honour of the last soldiers who fought in battles. The most fascinating thing about the park has to be the “Magic Fountain”, which is the largest fountain in the park reaching a height of 80m. The “Tunnel Fountain of Surprises” allows you to walk through a tunnel of water. Simple but fun. . The 13 fountains comprising the world’s largest fountain complex are lit up at night with changing colours. They are some delightful fountain shows for visitors to enjoy.