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Lima is the witness for ancient civilisations. This one city is already in possession of two ruins with remarkable historical significance, namely Huaca Pucllana in the city centre, and the archaeological site of Pachacamac by the coast. They are a testimony to the greatness of ancient civilisations and the awe-inspiring wisdom of the ancestors.

Pachacamac is not preserved as well as Huaca Pucllana. Yet, its massive scale amazes many. The archaeological site, where a large temple complex and tombs were built, is an essential sacred place and burial site. Many pilgrims of Andean ancient culture (including the Inca people) come for visiting, worshipping, and seeking oracles on weather (agricultural-related), family and well-being. No wonder it is depicted by historians as “the Mecca of Peru”. The on-site museum exhibits a collection of excavated artefacts, for example, ceramics, textiles and religious objects from cultures like Lambayeque, Nazca and Wari, proofing that Pachacamac was a ceremonial centre. In your guided tour, apart from exploring pyramids, temples and ancient dwellings to know more about life in pre-Hispanic years and the glorious culture , you can climb up the Temple of the Sun to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.