Tajikistan National Museum

Tel: +992 372 27 8561

Address: Ismoil Somoni Avenue, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

In the heart of many capitals, you can see this layout: Surrounding the government headquarters and the presidential palace are very often the central square, the parliament, the monument, the representative flagpole and the national museum. Dushanbe has a similar layout. You can find the Tajikistan National Museum right next to the Palace of Nations, the official residence of the president.

The architecture of the national museum is in the Soviet style, and it is constructed with Persian columns. The cuboid-shape exhibition hall is divided into four departments, namely natural history, ancient and medieval history, modern and contemporary history, and fine and applied arts. They display the origin and the splendid civilization of the Tajiks with an abundance of crafts such as textiles and handwoven carpets that they are proud of. Outside the museum lays an enchanting Persian park and a lot of sculptures. After visiting the museum, don’t miss the world’s second-tallest flagpole and the eagle statue in the Flag Pole Park right in front of it. They are the symbols of the country that Tajiks are proud of.