Palace of Nations

Address: Қасри миллат, Sheroz Street, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

The presidential residence in every country is of great magnificence and solemnity. Tajikistan is no exception. From the central square in the capital, you can see the elegantly constructed presidential residence of Tajikistan - the Palace of Nations.

The palace was established as a dedication to Ismail Samani (Ismoil Somoni), the father of the Tajiks. His statue was erected near the Palace. Its construction began in 2000, and was referenced to the design of the White House of the USA. The palace, topped by a Persian golden dome, is thus called the “White House” as well. Its image is imprinted on the back of a 500 Somoni banknote. In front of the palace stands the once tallest Dushanbe Flagpole in the world. The 165m-tall flagpole hoisting the country’s three-colour flag was then surpassed in height by the 171m-tall Jeddah Flagpole in Saudi Arabia in 2014. Yet, the Dushanbe Flagpole is still as spectacular as it has always been. Watching the flag-raising ceremony here is going to be an incredible experience.