Rudaki Avenue

Address: Rudaki Avenue, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Rudaki Avenue is the most vibrant street in Dushanbe. Its significance to Dushanbe is as much as Chang’an Avenue to Beijing. There are a number of famous national landmarks on the avenue, showing the most thriving side of the country.

Like many of the capital avenues in the republics in the Soviet years, this main avenue in Dushanbe was named Lenin Avenue to dedicate to Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. To de-Sovietise after restoring independence, Tajikistan renamed the avenue after Rudaki, the Tajiks’ most respected Persian poet. The central park on the avenue is named after him as well. The renowned theatre, the Palace of Nations, the National Library, the Tajikistan National Museum, the Independence Monument, together with Haji Yaqub Mosque, the central mosque, the historical Hotel Tajikistan and several prominent universities can all be found on and around Rudaki Avenue. It brings to you the buildings that Tajikistan is most proud of, and is a great place worth half a day wandering around.