Statue of Ismail Samani

Address: Jalol Ikromi Street, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

In-between the Rudaki Park and the National Library in the centre of the capital, is a statue not far from the Independence Monument. It is a dedication to Ismail Samani (Ismoil Somoni), the father of the Tajiks.

Ismail Samani was a Persian Muslim and the leader of the first nation of the Tajiks - the Samanid Dynasty. He united the surrounding tribes, ordered conquests and acquisitions to turn the Samanid Dynasty into a regional power. Many scholars, artists, doctors and different kinds of elites were recruited to turn the nation into the religious and cultural centre of Central Asia. Ismail Samani’s contributions to the Tajiks were profound and far-reaching. The highest mountain in Tajikistan and the Soviet Union was renamed from the Communism Peak to the Ismoil Somoni Peak for the celebration of the 1100th year of the Samanid Dynasty. Besides, the somoni currency of the country is named after him, and has his image imprinted on the 100 somoni banknotes. It would be fun to take a picture on the Statue of Ismail Samani together with the somoni banknote.