Address: Ribeira, Porto, Portugal

Located at the River Douro’s estuary, Porto was born to be the vital intersection of the sea cargo in the Atlantic Ocean and the inner river cargo. Porto, the port city, has been thriving attributed to this advantageous geographical location, and so are the two sides of the River Douro. The most vibrant district has to be Ribeira.

Ribeira is “riverbank” in Portuguese. As its name suggests, the district spreads alongside the River Douro. It has been a remarkable centre of commercial and manufacturing activities with shops selling fish, bread, meat and other products since the Middle Ages. The area was rebuilt after a fire in the 15th century. Houses with tangerine roofs were built blanketing the hill. If looking from the Luís I Bridge that connects with Ribeira district, you will see a reflection of the quaint terraced houses on the waterfront on the River Douro. This picturesque scene is such an attraction. Ribeira Square sitting by the river is the most popular area in the district. With historical buildings lining, colourful houses around, and lively markets selling clothing, accessories, souvenirs and more being all over the place, the square is so blissful as if it was a holiday every day. When night falls, it is time to pick a restaurant you like at the waterfront to savour the most authentic Portuguese cuisine on the terrace. Soon enough, the Luís I Bridge not far from here is all lit-up. Let’s enjoy the view and this most mesmerising night of Porto.