Porto Cathedral

Tel: +351 22 205 9028

Address: Terreiro da Sé, 4050-573 Porto, Portugal

Not only is the cathedral the centre of religion of a city, but also the centre of life of Catholics. Generally speaking, the cathedral is among the first buildings erected in a Catholic city. The city’s development is then radiated from the cathedral, the city hall and the castle, or the royal palace. The Porto Cathedral standing on the highest point in the city is no exception.

Being one of Porto’s oldest monuments, the cathedral’s history started in the 12th century. Yet, it was rebuilt and renovated several times throughout the centuries, which is why it is a mixture of architectural styles. The cathedral appears to be ordinary when looking at its main façade, with simple rose windows and a Baroque porch flanked by two square towers. Inside the cathedral, you will find a Baroque temple, a Romanesque nave, a Gothic chapel and a cloister. Truly an eye-opener. After the little tour, you can come to the nave, pray in front of the golden altar to attain inner peace.