Address: Pamukkale, 20190 Pamukkale/Denizli, Turkey

Pamukkale’s check-in pictures showing snow-white travertine terraces, and thermal pools reflecting the blue sky are no strangers on your friends’ social media. The surreal Pamukkale truly is your dream destination to explore.

“Pamukkale”, literally “Cotton Castle” in Turkish, was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1988. This majestic “castle” is where nature assumed the role of an artist. The calcium in the limestone was transformed into snow-white rock formations after exposure to the sun. The cascade of pools was then formed after experiencing long-term weathering and chemical interactions with the minerals in the thermal pools. It resembles a magnificently energetic white waterfall when looking from a distance. When visiting Pamukkale, you can start off with a hot balloon ride to fully view this snow-white picturesque scenery from mid-air. Upon landing, take off your shoes, and step on the terraces of “cotton”. You can bath your feet in the limpid thermal pools, which feels as amazing as in paradise.