Mount Ararat

Address: 76000 Karagüney/Iğdır Merkez/Ağrı, Turkey

Mount Ararat possesses a unique place in the hearts of many Christians. It was where Noah’s Ark finally rested after experiencing 40 days of the biblical flood. God sealed His promise with a rainbow in the sky, with peace and vitality returned to the earth. Armenia, the world’s first Christian country, has venerated Mount Ararat as a sacred mountain, and has it drawn on the country’s coat of arms. However, the lofty mountain with an altitude over 4,000m actually sits in the Ağrı Province, a Turkish province 32km away from Armenia. Still, Armenians see the mountain as their spiritual sustenance.

The “Ararat anomaly” is the boat-shaped object on the mountain. Some Christian believers claimed it as the remains of Noah’s Ark. In 2005, the Media Evangelism, a para-church organization in Hong Kong, was joined by the first Chinese research team to go for an investigation. Unfortunately, they didn’t get close enough to the legendary resting place of the ark. It was not until 2010 that an expedition team formed by Hong Kong and Turkish members climbed up the snow-capped Mount Ararat and searched for the ark’s remains in the glacier. They located the wooden structure, which was a significant discovery in history, and successfully made their way into it for studying. The expedition team believed that the discovery together with abundant evidence presented show that the wooden structure is the biblical Noah’s Ark. When visiting Mount Ararat, you may take your time to ponder the insights from the Bible, and pray for true peace to come.