Ljubljana Castle

Tel: +386 1 306 42 93

Address: Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Castle is Ljubljana’s symbol. Entrenching on a green hill in the city centre, the castle guarding the city since the Medieval Period is a crucial landmark. This ancient castle carrying many historical stories would be an excellent place for you to learn about Ljubljana.

The castle was originally a medieval fortress constructed in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 12th century as a defence structure. It gradually developed into a unique cultural venue today. The castle is drawn right under a dragon on Ljubljana’s coat of arms, indicating its prestigious cultural value to the city. Apart from joining guided tours and seeing exhibitions, you can discover the development of the city and history of the Ljubljana Castle by taking part in the exceptional “Time Machine” activity in the castle. A castle guide will lead you to six time-stations to travel through six key historical periods. At each intriguing theatrical adventure, you will be greeted by a figure from that time who will shed light on the historical background and insights of their period. Another exciting game, “Escape Castle”, allows visitors to learn more about Ljubljana’s history and help save the famous dragon. The vibrant Friday nights are when the castle turns into a music stage and brings spectacular and unmissable jazz performances to the audience. When night falls, why not take a seat at the castle restaurant to savour some exquisite culinary delights? After that, rest your eyes on the breathtaking night view at the highest point of the city. What an unforgettable experience!