Dragon Bridge

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Address: Resljeva cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dragon has been the symbol and protector of Ljubljana since ancient times. It embodies power, courage and wisdom. The city is thus as well known as “the city of dragon”. On Ljubljana’s coat of arms, you can see the dragon flying above the Ljubljana Castle, indicating its prominent cultural value to the people. Dragon figures are seen everywhere in the city, such as on numerous souvenirs, a popular theme in Ljubljana’s escape rooms and even on drain covers. The city also holds the Dragon Carnival every winter. Yet, the most iconic one has to be the Dragon Bridge.

Constructed in the early 20th century, the Dragon Bridge spanning the River Ljubljanica is an example of Art Nouveau architecture. The bridge, connecting the modern and old town of Ljubljana, was the first bridge in Slovenia to be paved with asphalt. It was adorned by four terrifying-looking and winged dragon statues. The dragons, looking almost real, sit at the two ends of the bridge guarding the city. It is said that your trip to Ljubljana is incomplete without taking pictures with a dragon on the bridge. You can tell this architecture means a lot to tourists. Apart from the four-winged dragons, there are 16 smaller dragons decorating the bridge. Let’s find them all out when visiting the attraction.