Postojna Cave

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Address: Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia

In Slovenia, there is a vast “subterranean paradise” - Postojna Cave. It is where you can admire the breathtaking stalagmite formations and take a ride on the world’s only double-track cave railway.

There are more than 8,000 karst caves across Slovenia, with the Postojna Cave, the second largest in Europe, being one of the most visited ones. Opened to the public in 1819, the Postojna Cave has been operating the world’s first underground cave railway since 1872 that takes you 200m down the earth’s surface. After reaching the subterrane, you can start exploring this captivating underground castle along the footpath. The temperature inside the cave is constant at 10℃ throughout the year, so warm clothing is recommended.

The 27km-long karst cave houses a huge natural concert hall, accommodating some 10,000 people at the same time. Symphony orchestras and different music events are staged in this hall known for its exceptional acoustics attributed to the echo effect, which is a feast to the audience’s ears. The massive “Big Mountain Hall” exhibits a collection of stalagmite formations that will have visitors dazzled by the creativity of nature. When walking into the “Spaghetti Hall”, raise your head and you’ll see the delicate stalagmite deposits as thin as spaghetti. Another unmissable attraction in the cave is the bright-white exquisite stalagmite called “Brilliant”, a symbol of Postojna Cave. It looks like an ivory sculpture and also a bride in a wedding dress. Before you leave, why not write down what you have in mind on a postcard and have it posted in the world’s only underground post office? It will be the best souvenir for your little cave journey!