Tartini Square

Address: Tartini Square, 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

The picturesque old town of Piran on the Adriatic coast sits between Croatia and Italy. Since Piran was once a part of the Republic of Venice, the Venetian culture has a far-reaching impact on the old town, which is immediately apparent in its architecture and winding cobbled streets. In this town much loved by tourists, Tartini Square is the most lively area.

The beautiful old town of Piran grew with the help of salt production. The world-famous “flower of salt” is still produced today using age-old methods. Not far from the coast stands the vibrant Tartini Square. It was named after the renowned Italian composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini, born in Piran, to honour his achievement. The bronze statue of him holding a violin overlooking the Adriatic Sea was erected in the square’s centre. The square is a venue for regular concerts and events. It is such an impressive experience to enjoy a cultural feast with the sea breeze.

Paved with white marble, the square is surrounded by charming Venetian buildings. Leading from the houses with tangerine roofs huddling close together are some narrow Venetian Gothic alleyways. Tourists are strolling through them under the Mediterranean sun while looking for the seafood restaurants they like. Having a drink at a café to continue with your enjoyment or shopping for local produce would be some wonderful ideas. If you are looking for something energetic, biking along the coast, horse riding and even hiking are some great choices too. When reaching a higher lookout point, you can rest your eyes on the stunning Mediterranean scenery.