Red Cube of Shenzhen

Address: Longxiang Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

The Red Cube of Shenzhen is divided into four areas, namely the Science Museum, Youth Palace, Public Art Gallery and Book City. In the Public Art Gallery, you can find interactive multimedia exhibits and art exhibitions. In the Science Museum, a device that integrates AR and VR is available for the public to experience. The Youth Palace is primarily a theatre where you can enjoy a wide range of traditional programmes such as dance shows, Kabuki, Shinpa, and Shochiku New Comedy, and some modern music programs. The show list is updated on a monthly basis.

In recent years, unmanned stores have become increasingly popular in China. It means, by “unmanned”, that there aren’t any shop assistants available. Customers have to do their shopping with e-payment all by themselves. In Book City, you can try unmanned shopping at the bookstore named "A Bu E”. Entering the unmanned bookstore requires a scan of your Wechat code and facial recognition. The payment process is simple - just choose your book and scan the payment QR code shown on your phone.